Plan #921
2 Unit, 2290/Sqft Duplex
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Plan #921
2 Unit, 2290/Sqft Duplex

The front fašade of this two-bedroom duplex allows for it to blend in with residential surroundings.

Porches - Each unit has a covered entry porch which features turned columns giving the duplex a country feel.

Kitchen - Efficiently designed this tidy kitchen is given a bit more storage space with a moderately sized pantry closet.

Living Room - A spacious room directly across from the dining room, is the ideal place to decompress at the end of the day.

Dining Room - With three window units this dining room will be bright and inviting.

Laundry Room - In addition to housing the washer and dryer this laundry area has a large storage closet, something that is often found lacking in duplex units.

Master Suite - With a private bath, small sitting area, and sliding glass doors to a rear covered porch this master suite will certainly leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Secondary Bedroom - In addition to the master suite each unit has one moderately sized bedroom and full bath.

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The simple truth is that most home plans are design driven with the framing method, cost of construction and sustainability as an afterthought, if addressed at all.

The Builder’s Portfolio of Easy-To-Build Home Plans purposely sets out to reverse that process. Each Easy-To-Build series is a collaboration of some of the nation's top builders, estimators, designers, and framers to design homes that are Simple, Sturdy and Easy To Build.  


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