Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we have received on our home plan services. If you would like further information or have additional questions, please Contact Us.

What is a Study Set of Home Plans?

A Study Set of home plans will include all four exterior views plus the main and upper (if applicable) home floor plans. They are intended to help decide if the home you have chosen will fit into your budget and to give you a better idea of room size. They do not include the roof plan, the foundation plan, building sections or details. A study set is not a license to build.

What is Included in a set of Home Plans?

Each set of Home Plans that we offer will provide you with the necessary information to build the home. There may be some adjustments necessary to the home plans or garage plans in order to comply with your state or county building codes. The following list shows what is included within each set of home plans that we sell. Our blueprints include a foundation page, floor plans (1st and 2nd floor as applicable), exterior elevations, sections, detail page, framing plans and an electrical page. You will also receive a complete takeoff of materials required to build your new home.

What is a Reproducible Set of Home Plans?

Reproducible sets are printed on bond paper and can be copied. Some plans may need modifications to adapt to local codes. Reproducible prints can be altered by a local architect or engineer and come with a reproduction waiver so copies can be made as needed.

What is a PDF File of Home Plans?

The “PDF File” plan package is your best value, and provides you with an electronic version of your plan. This package offers you the flexibility to print as many copies as you need for you to build one home.

How Many Sets of Home Plans will I need?

The number of sets you will need will vary depending on you and your builder. In addition to a set of prints for you, you may need to provide a set of plans to the homebuilder, subcontractors, and local building departments.

What is Included in a Materials List?

Material Lists included with plans provide you with the building materials that you will need to complete the construction of your home. Standard material lists include the basic lumber, insulation, sheetrock, siding and roofing materials to build the base house. NLHD standard material lists offer even more. In addition to the standard lumber we include basic interior and exterior trim work, closet shelving, and finish hardware, finished flooring, masonry, as well as, a list of appliances and lighting fixtures. The only items not included in our lists are rough plumbing, electrical or mechanical items.

Can I Modify the Home Plans or Garage Plans?

Any plan can be customized to suit your needs. To receive complimentary modification and design help, simply call our toll free number, (800) 209-6438 and our top architectural experts will work with you to make the changes you require. You'll save time and money by working directly with us. Your project will be completed quickly and professionally through the company you already know and trust. The cost of modifications is in addition to the base price.

Will My Home Plans that I Purchase Contain All the Information Needed by my Local Building Codes?

No. Each town or city may vary in their building codes. You will need to take your plans to the local building department in your area to clarify what these codes require. In addition you will need to have such items as a site plan to show the location of the home on the lot.

Can I Return The Plans if I Change My Mind?

No. Blueprints are considered to be viewed once delivery is accepted. Viewing of the plans constitutes that they have been used. Once used, no returns or exchanges will be accepted. All payments are non-refundable.

Do the Home Plans Provide All of the Information Necessary for the HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical Systems?

Our Homes are designed to meet the national building codes and not specific state or county codes, therefore, extensive HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems are not shown on the blueprints. With the prints you do receive an electrical page that shows you possible locations of switches, outlets, and lighting fixtures but ultimately a licensed electrician should do the layout.

Are the Home Plans Copyrighted?

Yes, all plans contained on this website are the property of Accurate Estimates LLC. Law strictly prohibits reproduction in whole or in part. Only one home may be constructed from a set of purchased prints. Home plans may not be resold or copied. Strict penalties will be enforced for violators of copyright laws.

How Long Does it Take to Get My Plans?

There are three shipping methods available ranging from 1 to 2 day Express up to 7 to 10 day Standard. You will select the shipping method you prefer at checkout.

Is a Blueprint License Transferable even if I did not build the home?

No. When a set of Home Plans are ordered, the license issued bears the name of the person that ordered the plan and the license is not transferable for any reason.

Do you offer plans with Multiple Build License?

Yes. This license is especially useful to builders. Call (800) 209-6438 for details and restrictions.